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The adidas yoga socks not only let you keep your feet more hygienic, but also help to prevent from getting cold during yoga or Pilates classes and enable you to go mat-free. These breathable and sweat-wicking socks provide a barefoot feeling and maximum comfort while exercising and ensure better traction thanks to a dotted grip tread. In addition, a stretchable attachment at the arch of the foot keeps the s
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ocks in place. The non-slip socks are a perfect way to accessorise your practice.80% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 2% Elastane, 1% Rubber
Soft and comfortable with adidas logo underfoot
Specifically created for Yoga to provide additional traction
Suitable for foot length 27-30cm
Targeted traction


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John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy is the president that everyone knows. He was a rich man’s son, an athlete, a war hero, a ladies’ man, an author, a president, his face rendered forever young because the last time Americans saw him, he was riding in a convertible in Dallas, hi
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s glamorous wife at his side. Then the bullets struck, and the assassinated president became a legend, the truth of his life obscured by his tragic and untimely death. But JFK had more depth to his character than the magazine covers indicated.

Inside you will read about...

✓ No Irish Need Apply
✓ War and the Kennedys
✓ Kennedy in Congress
✓ Kennedy for President
✓ Kennedy Women
✓ The Presidency
And much more!

The rich man’s son was the grandson of Irishmen who knew what it was to be denied jobs because Irish weren’t welcome in Boston. The athlete suffered from poor health all his life, from a bad back to Addison’s disease. The war hero whose PT-109 boat became part of his campaign legend was the son who survived; elder brother Joe, flying on a secret mission, was killed for his heroism. The ladies’ man loved his wife, but fidelity was not a concept revered by the Kennedy men. The Pulitzer Prize that he was awarded for Profiles in Courage should have gone to the person who actually wrote it. In 1963, death in Dallas ended his first term as president, bringing an end to the optimism that he inaugurated when he narrowly defeated Vice President Richard Nixon in the 1960 election. But the Kennedy legend, like Camelot, lives forever.
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