Goal is to combat smoking by making it less addictive

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Medicare is billed more than $1 billion annually for glaucoma treatments alone, researchers say

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Page 3 fashion exhibition from Tuesday
âThe star attraction will come from Saloni Jain, who took the spotlight at the London Fashion Week while winning the coveted 'Best Designer-2017'
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Have your cake and eat it at the 4-H auction
The Fashion Show/Awards program follows the auction. All trophies given out in the 4-H Building will be presented during the awards portion and will
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We use two kinds of leashes to work on Leash reactivity as well as aggression to show the basics of what it takes to get to that calm state of mind we all desire from our dogs.
Want some ideas on how to train a dog that jumps up? In this video I provide some ideas to assist with your dog training, particularly if you have a dog that jumps up. There is nothing more annoying than having a dog jump up on you or your visitors, but the problem can be addressed with regular and consistent training.
You can't blame a dog for wanting to get up on the couch with you — it's comfortable! To keep your pooch off the furniture, give your pet comfy resting areas in your home, and then make sure to teach the "off" command.