I Lowered 30.7 lb IN ONLY four weeks and Lost 3 Dress Sizes. I Almost Cried!
Ashley Graham Covers Harper's Bazaar's July Issue
Ashley Graham strikes again! Fashion's obsession with the model continues—she graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK's “Power of Women” July
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Oak Park Mall puts spotlight on fashion designers with contest
Pollak is from Overland Park and her debut collection won first place in JCCC's annual fashion show. Mwashighadi enrolled in the fashion program at
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Teach your dog new tricks, like how to high five with its paw. Learn how with expert tips on dog tricks in this free pet care and obedience video.
Dylan learns the first stages of coming when called, a basic but mandatory cue for any dog. Victoria explains why it's important to make it a game and not be boring. She also covers common mistakes that people make when teaching dogs recall.

Learn how to teach your puppy these 3 simple things.
Naming a new pet — whether it's a puppy or kitten you acquired from a breeder or an older dog or cat you've adopted from a shelter — is an important way to make that animal part of the family. In this Vetstreet video, trainer Mikkel Becker shows you how to quickly teach your pet to respond to his name in just a few easy steps.