Learn how to teach your puppy these 3 simple things.
Naming a new pet — whether it's a puppy or kitten you acquired from a breeder or an older dog or cat you've adopted from a shelter — is an important way to make that animal part of the family. In this Vetstreet video, trainer Mikkel Becker shows you how to quickly teach your pet to respond to his name in just a few easy steps.
Cambridge Roar Festival launches regional model competition
Speaking about the competition and Fashion Show, Tony Murdock, Founder and Chairman of the Roar said: “This year's model competition and
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Designer inspired by snow days
Janelle Hinch's winter collection will be shown at the annual Ohakune Fashion Show on June 10. She said the collection pays homage to the 1950's
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Ellen DeGeneres on Encouraging Women to Speak Out, Claim Their Power
One of Ellen DeGeneres' biggest breaks in Hollywood? When she made it to the couch — Johnny Carson's couch, that is, in 1986. After performing
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Chinese Fashion Bloggers Swamp Gucci's Pitti Palace Show
The fashion show was part of a project called Primavera di Boboli, which will also involve a restoration of the Boboli Gardens with a 2 million Euro
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Kim Kardashian West Says Kanye West Was Behind Her Fashion Transformation — Not Stylist ...
Recently, the Kardashian/Jenner family's relationship with stylist Monica Rose was in the headlines. The family had stopped working with her, and
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Ellen DeGeneres On Launching Her Footwear Brand, That Coming-Out Moment & Breaking Barriers
Two decades ago, 42 million people watched as Ellen DeGeneres and her sitcom counterpart, Ellen Morgan, came out on national television.
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