This way of training the stay incorporates many wonderful concepts into the training process:

1-By click as distractions happen you are using classical conditioning to change your dog's emotional response to being calm and relaxed around those distractions. Lowering a dogs stress levels when asked to stay, which in turn will make the behavior more reliable. The distractions become conditioned secondary reinforcers.

2- By teaching the release cue first, you are using 'back chaining' by working on the end of the behavior of the stay first. Back chaining creates strong behavi
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3- You are using the Premack Principle: the higher probability behavior predicts a lower probability behavior. Staying predicts getting up and getting to do what the dog wanted to do. Meaning the behavior will be stronger.

4- By clicking the release as a behavior it becomes a secondary reinforcer. So every time you release your dog from a stay, you are actually rewarding him for staying.
It’s not unusual that life can be smooth sailing one minute and throw you a curveball the next.

You might be hit with an injury or illness, a reduction in income or redundancy, a separation from your partner, or even a death in the family—all of which can be difficult, emotionally as well as financially.

If you happen to owe money on your home loan, having a financial backup plan, should such a situation arise, could go a long way.
Silver Fox to Host AIDS Food Store Benefit Fashion Show Sunday
For the past eight years AIDS Food Store Long Beach and the Silver Fox have joined together with local designers to present a fashion show
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Wanderlusts: The Worldly Adventures of Cédric Charlier
Parisian designer Cédric Charlier has been as adventurous with his show locations–opting to reveal his Resort 2017 collection on a rooftop in
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'Blossom is the New Black' fashion show is Saturday
Check out the latest fashion by Central Washington University's student designers on Saturday during “Blossom is the New Black,” a fashion show
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Wrist taker
Why I like it: My dress style is minimal and the Skagen, with its classic design, helps me complete that look. It's crucial to the way I dress.
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Nacho Figueras on a Decade of the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which returns to Liberty State Park on Saturday. This year Neil Patrick Harris
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Style News: Emporio Armani's new watch collection
Italian designer brand Emporio Armani has launched four new series of men's watches here: Lambda, Luigi, Renato and Kappa. The Lambda (from
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