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If you are in the jobs market then you have a battle to fight. You can't win today's battles with yesterday's weapons and occasionally a real game-changer comes along. 'Winning At Interview' is a paradigm shift - a handbook for the 21st century suitable for anyone going to a life-changing job interview, from graduates to senior executives, regardless of sector or discipline.
In this updated, revised 3rd edition Alan Jones shows you how to 'get in the zone', 'have the conversations with yourself' and articulate your truth confidently. He provides close analysis of the 42 questions you should ask yourself before the interview and demonstrates how they will give you the answer to everything.
Uniquely, and unlike other books on the topic, he deals with the world of 'job interviews' as it really is, not as we would like it to be.
If you haven't read this book you won't want to be competing with someone who has.