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Take VR experiences to the next level with the Windows Mixed Reality Waterproof Foam Replacements. Compatible with the Acer, HP and Lenovo headsets. Remove your old stock foam and replace it with our easy to clean waterproof version. Designed to be wiped clean between uses with antibacterial wipes these foam pads are perfect for sharing the headset whether at events or at home.

Benefits of the Windows Mixed Reality Waterproof Foam Replacement 12mm:

Easy to wipe clean between uses
More comfortable fit with space for your nose between the lenses.
Soft PU leather feels great on the skin✅ Soft and durable foam replacement from VR Cover the virtual reality hygiene specialists
✅ Prevent the build up of bacteria and dirt with these easy to clean pads
✅ Allows for a more comfortable fit with more space in the nose area
✅ Waterproof material makes the foam replacements perfect for sharing
✅ Proven VR hygiene solution used by thousands of VR enthusiasts since 2014