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UnoCardio X2 is a newly-formulated fish oil supplement that provides an exceptionally high concentration of omega-3. Manufactured by leading fish oil company WHC, UnoCardio X2 (formerly UnoCardio) supplies a scientifically-proven dose of 1200mg omega-3 from 1300mg fish oil. In addition to containing 93% pure omega-3 - including high levels of EPA and DHA - the UnoCardio X2 fish oil capsule excels in the purity stakes as verified by independent US laboratory Labdoor. Not only is a high concentration of EPA and DHA provided in each softgel, but they are available in r-triglyceride (rTG) form. This is worth noting, since the vast majority of omega-3 fats present in fish are also triglycerides. Thus, UnoCardio X2 supplies fish oil that is more bioavailable and readily absorbable than supplements favouring the inferior ethyl ester form (which is often why it's much cheaper!). The fish used are small fish from sustainable sources.Exceptionally High Concentration of Omega-3
1200 mg Omega-3 from 1300 mg Fish Oil
600 mg EPA and 405 mg DHA
60 softgels, orange flavour
Exceptional Purity - as verified by independent US laboratory Labdoor