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Every marketer needs the right tools in order to succeed in running marketing campaigns.

Good tools make your life easier, from blogging tools to research and tracking tools.

Unicorn tools are unique and magnificent time-savers that free you up to focus and prioritize.

Here’s a list of every marketing tool you need updated for 2018.

100+ Must-Have Marketing Tools
This mega list of marketing tools is categorized.

Check out tools for automation, email, ads, SEO, SMM, r
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esearch, analysis and a ton more.

Most of these tools are either free or affordable.

Each tool alone has the power to energize your marketing successes. Together, these tools could add up to your winning formula for making marketing unicorns.

1. Digital Analytics Tools

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Premium
Adobe Analytics

2. Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Tools


3. Social Media Publishing Tools


4. Online Customer Service Tools

Help Scout
Get Satisfaction

5. Social Media Listening Tools

Talkwalker Alerts
Social Crawlytics

6. Social Media Campaign Tools


7. Site Audience Comparison

Google Analytics

8. SEO Keyword Analysis

Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Google Trends
Bing Ads

9. SEO Rank Checking

Google Search Console

10. SEO Site Crawling

Google Search Console
Screaming Frog

11. SEO Backlink Analysis

Google Search Console

12. AdWords Paid Search Analysis


13. Influencer Outreach and Management


14. Data Management Platforms and Audience Targeting

Adobe Audience Manager

15. Page Engagement Tools

Crazy Egg

16. Content Management Systems

Adobe Experience Manager
Oracle WebCenter

17. Blogging Tools

Movable Type

18. Content Curation and Authoring Tools


19. Landing Page Creation and Testing Tools


20. Digital Asset Management

Adobe Experience Manager

21. On-site Push Notifications

Hello Bar
Bounce Exchange

22. Personalization for Ecommerce


23. Ecommerce Cart Recovery

Fresh Relevance

24. A/B and Multivariate Testing Tools

Visual Website Optimizer
Oracle Maxymiser

25. Ecommerce Management

Woo Themes

26. Product and Customer Review Tools


27. Call Tracking


28. Marketing Cloud, CRM and Campaign Management Tools

Oracle Marketing Cloud
Adobe Marketing Cloud

29. Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation Services

Constant Contact
Get Response

30. Email Marketing Optimization Tools


Take your marketing strategies to the next level using the tools above.

Over to you; what marketing tools do you swear by?

What other tools that are not in this list have you found most helpful? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments!

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Simple Video Management System Review
No coupons are needed to stock up on Sharpie Highlighters for $1.99 per pack next week at Walgreens! My store carries a four-pack that comes with a bonus highlighter. Check your shelves for the bonus packages, and pay $0.40 per highlighter.

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Buy 1 Sharpie Highlighters, 5 ct $1.99, sale price 7/29-8/4

Final Pr
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ice: $1.99, or $0.40 per highlighter

If you need Sharpie Highlighters this week, they are three for $10.00.

Buy 3 Sharpie Highlighters, 5 ct $3.33 each, when you buy 3, sale price through 7/28

Final Price: $3.33 each, when you buy 3, or $0.67 per highlighter

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On Monday, a new docu-series, entitled Rest in Power: The Life and Legacy of Trayvon Martin, premieres on Paramount Network and BET. The six-part series is based on a book co-authored by the parents of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager whose fatal shooting by self-styled vigilante George Zimmerman in Florida in 2012 sparked national outrage. The series chronicles the shooting and subsequent trial, colored by Florida’s highly controversial Stand Your Ground law, and explores the case as an early precursor
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to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Featured prominently in the series is Benjamin Crump, the Florida-based civil rights attorney who represented Martin’s family in a civil lawsuit against the homeowners’ association that ran the neighborhood watch group headed by Zimmerman. (That case was settled for $1 million.) Since then, Crump has represented the families of victims in some of the most high-profile police-shooting cases in America, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Tamir Rice in Cleveland; and, most recently, the family of Stephon Clark in Sacramento.

Crump also represents the girlfriend and children of 28-year-old Markeis McGlockton, whose killing earlier this month by 47-year-old Michael Drejka has become the latest case to bring scrutiny to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. McGlockton was killed in a convenience store parking lot in Clearwater, Florida, after confronting and shoving Drejka, who allegedly was accosting his girlfriend for parking in a handicap space. Police officials, citing Stand Your Ground, declined to arrest Drejka; local prosecutors have yet to determine if they will bring any charges.

I caught up with Crump to talk about the series on Martin, some recent instances of racial profiling and racist 911 calls that have drawn widespread attention, and Crump’s ongoing work to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Mother Jones: The Trayvon Martin case made national and international headlines. President Obama addressed it. It spawned congressional hearings on Stand Your Ground, and the organizing that happened after the shooting laid the foundation for what eventually became the Black Lives Matter movement. Six years later, what do you see as the legacy of that case?

Benjamin Crump: Trayvon was one of the most historical reference points that we’ve had in America in regards to race relations since Emmett Till. It’s that significant. For the first time in my life, the death of a black child made the cover of People, Time, Newsweek, Ebony—everything. Everybody knew Trayvon Martin’s name. We’re not talking about a singer or entertainer or actor or basketball player. This is an average black kid who was killed, and America cared about him. The world cared about him.

MJ: What do you think it showed in regard to race relations?

BC: How far America had come in race relations and how much further we had to go. Trayvon Martin showed very clearly that there was not equal justice in race relations in America, from the legislation, to the arrest, to the criminal justice proceedings, the criminal justice system itself, showed that black life was not valued or respected on an equal basis with white life in America. But it also showed that, when we said that his life mattered, people showed that they were willing to stand up. White and black people were standing up for Trayvon.

MJ: What do you think will be the impact of revisiting this saga for people who watch Rest in Power?

BC: It’s going to be very similar to watching O.J.: Made in America. People will be able to see just how differently we view things between black people and white people, things that are significant enough to bring us together, and what things still divide us. But what also is going to be very telling is to see how much we have in common. How we all love our children. And that’s what I tried to do with Trayvon. People say I made Trayvon a racial issue. Yeah, I did, because you had to speak truth to power. But also, you had to make Trayvon be what he was, and that was a teenage child. It doesn’t matter if you’re white black, Asian or whatever—you love your children. And your children are children. None of them are perfect.

MJ: Several episodes of the series include a timely discussion of the fact that Zimmerman called the police habitually as neighborhood watch captain, often to report black people in his neighborhood, some of whom lived there. The Martin case often gets discussed within the context of Stand Your Ground, but do you think it also has more in common than people realize with more recent cases of racial profiling and racist 911 calls, like the #BBQBecky episode?

BC: Absolutely. What George Zimmerman was doing was exposed when Trayvon was killed. But because we have video and cell phones now, you get to see that George Zimmerman wasn’t doing anything different than many other white people do. Now we just have evidence to show how ridiculous it is.

MJ: Do you see Zimmerman as a #BBQBecky of sorts?

BC: Absolutely. He called the police on 10-year-old kids playing in the street. How absurd is that?

MJ: When I heard about Zimmerman’s dozens of calls to police, I thought about the white family in Cleveland that called the police on the black kid mowing grass, that had called the police more than 50 times in 18 years.

BC: I thought about that. I thought about the barbecue. I thought about Jonathan Crawford. I thought about the little children in McKinney, Texas, at the swimming pool, when the white lady called the police over there and said they’re not supposed to be here. All these things where you have these white people trying to make being black a crime.

MJ: Trayvon wasn’t killed by a police officer, but do you think his death still influenced the current conversation about race and policing?

BC: Absolutely. Because Zimmerman saw himself as a quasi-police officer, an authoritative figure. And I think what made people lose their minds about Trayvon’s case was that we had unfortunately become normalized to the police killing us. But now, George Zimmerman and the Stand Your Ground law, you had regular white people be able to kill us and not be held accountable. And I think people were like, ‘This is just way too much.’

MJ: Today, in the era of Black Lives Matter, after several years of discourse around race in America, do you think many white Americans would process the Martin case differently than they did in 2012?

BC: I think Trayvon in and of itself makes you see it differently when you look at Zimmerman and everything that he has done since, you start to reanalyze what your preconceived notions were about Trayvon and Zimmerman. So with the benefit of hindsight, I think many white people would say, ‘Maybe we were wrong about this. This kid could have just been walking home, talking on the phone, minding his business.’ But what Donald Trump has done in America has made others say it’s okay to not give people of color the benefit of the doubt and the benefit of consideration, and I think that they would have accepted the narrative that Trayvon Martin was up to no good, just like George Zimmerman said he was.

MJ: Now you’re representing the girlfriend and children of Markeis McGlockton. Does that feel like deja vu for you?

BC: To some degree. It’s so ironic that this docu-series starts on Monday, and they’ll be having rallies on Wednesday in Clearwater, Florida, protesting this Stand Your Ground murder yet again. The similarities are alarming. Just like Trayvon’s killer, was the initial aggressor, and then killed an unarmed black person, and then says he was doing it in self-defense. And just like Zimmerman, he went home and slept in his bed that night.

MJ: Last year, Florida amended its Stand Your Ground law to require the state to disprove self-defense instead of requiring the defendant to prove that they feared for their life when they used deadly force. What do you think the consequence of that will be?

BC: More people will get away with murder. Many prosecutors won’t prosecute, saying the burden is too high for us to disprove this Stand Your Ground claim. You have to figure out how to prove in somebody’s mind what they were thinking. It’s a legal falsity. It’s almost impossible. It should just be, ‘We don’t think this is self-defense, objectively. It doesn’t add up.’ But now you have to prove the person’s subjective fear was not what he was thinking.

MJ: You’re still working to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. Especially given the recent change in the law, do those efforts ever seem futile?

BC: I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to use Markeis McGlockton’s case, if not to overturn Stand Your Ground or amend it, that we will be able to make the state at least pass a gun responsibility law to balance out all these gun rights laws. Chiefly, you can’t be the initial aggressor and then claim Stand Your Ground. We’ve been working on it for a while. Trayvon’s parents, Moms Against Guns, all of us are working in a coalition to get rid of this racist law. There are some things that can be done that don’t make them feel like their losing their Second Amendment rights but still can be fair. 

MJ: Why do you think the McGlockton case is the one?

BC: I think that little boy reaching out for his father, and the emotional impact for him. Many people are going to see that video and get emotional. It’s going to be a lighting rod of a case.

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We all have struggles with motivation at times—between life, work and generally busy schedules, it’s really easy to talk yourself out of even the...

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Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Ours included swimming at my dad’s house, the Tucson Mermaid Festival (more info to come on that.. it was quite a scene) and the usual weekend shenanigans. I’d love to hear what you were up to!

For today, I’m so excited to finally share this year’s Summer Shape Up info with you. 

Thank you so much for all of your patience, especially since this year was a bit crazy. We moved right at the beginning of summer and there have been a lot
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of changes. With the girls home from school, work time was pretty scarce. Now that they’re back in school and we can get back into more of a routine, I’m so pumped to get cranking on more content, workouts, and videos to share with you. 

Since everything was a bit of a rat race, I didn’t have time to reach out to potential sponsors for SSU. Our SSU and WSU sponsors are amaaaaazing, and really help to make the shape ups possible. We’ll have sponsors and more giveaways for WSU since I have my life together now. Since I don’t need to post every week for the sponsor giveaways, and because this is more of an end-of-summer Shape Up, I have PDFs for you with everything in one spot. I really hope you enjoy the new format and all of the free workout goodies! 

As usual, we have 4 weeks of workouts, guidelines for getting started, tons of meal ideas, and 2 weeks of meal plans from my friend, Kim Mcdevitt, RD. She’s an expert at fueling athletes, promoting energy and fitness performance, so these meal plans are an ideal complement to your Shape Up workouts. You can send her some love on Instagram or over on her page!

Special thanks to Julia at Luminous Lines for creating these gorgeous PDFs for you. We have an incredible full-color version, a printer-friendly version, and your bonus meal plan. I hope you love them!

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Please take a second to join our Facebook group here so we can motivate each other along the way. The fun starts TODAY, but you can join in at any time.

Happy Summer Shape Up!!



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Hello! I ran in Long Beach this weekend and made it all the way to the Queen Mary!! This is extra exciting for me because I love running in Long Beach, Ca and I’ve run this route so many times before but never did this route that actually takes you all the way to the ship!! I was very very happy about this new to me running route and new experience! And I was also happy to run with Coach Steve and see some of my Sole Runner Buddies!!

Here’s a quick RUN down (get it?) of this weekend&
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rsquo;s long run. And I have an Instagram Story template you can use to set your main goal for this week. Check it out and share it on Instagram tagging @RunEatRepeat so I can see what your goals are right now!!

First… running in Long Beach:

I ran with Coach Steve … His running group The Sole Runners are training for the Long Beach marathon and half marathon.

1. We ran around the marina and made our way to the bike / pedestrian path on the beach. First stop was saying hello to Captain Morgan!


2. Coach Steve has gotten really fast and was pushing me from the very beginning. I got mad at him a little bit while we were running… but I am really glad that he makes me step it up.

3. I’ve been here a lot but never ran to the Queen Mary! The route I usually do goes to a pier across the water from it. So I was super excited to try a new route! //

4. The Sole Runners tradition is to go all the way up and touch it before turning around.

5. We started early to try and beat the heat but it still ended up being super hot!

6. Leann it is the Sole Runners support crew and sets out an aid station on long runs. They had watermelon coconut water Gatorade soda cookies and more!


7. RER pose with the Queen Mary in the background!

Instagram Story Template

Fill out this insta story template with your main goal for the week. Choose one thing to focus on and really go after it!!

You can find more goal templates and other fun fill-in or this/that stories under “Templates” in my Instagram Highlights!

Make sure to follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for more!

Question: What is your MAIN goal this week?

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Not that there’s anything wrong with a nice and simple grilled chicken breast: It’s packed with lean protein to help build muscle; you’ll feel fuller, longer when you eat it; and on Nutrisystem, it’s a great PowerFuel choice. But. If you’ve had enough nice and simple pieces of grilled chicken to last you (give or take), a lifetime, we’ve got some exciting chicken nugget recipes to shake up your chicken habit.

Here are our five favorite chicken nugget recipes that are as del
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icious and guilt-free as it gets:

1. Boneless Honey BBQ Chicken Bites >

When it comes to chicken nugget recipes, this one takes the cake. The sauce you make yourself, and it’s got a whole lot of goodness in it: Honey, obviously, but also molasses, tomato sauce and paste, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, paprika and other spices combine for a perfectly sweet and tangy flavor. Smother your baked nuggets in the smooth sauce and dig right in—guilt-free. Each savory serving is only 134 calories; log it as one PowerFuel and one Extra on your NuMi App.

2. Boneless Sweet & Spicy Thai Chicken Bites >

Enjoy flavors of the Far East with these Asian-inspired bites. The chicken is baked crisp in a seasoned coating, and the sauce—made with chili garlic, lime, rice vinegar, and honey—bring in the traditional tastes. Sprinkle some sesame seeds to finish off dish and enjoy a little sweet and a little spice in every delicious bite.

3. Boneless Buffalo Chicken Bites >

They may be small in size, but they’re feisty in flavor. Cayenne powder in the breadcrumbs and a coating of hot sauce kicks up the heat; but at 103 calories per serving, they won’t pack on the pounds. These buffalo bites make a great app when you’re hosting game night, or having friends over to watch weekend football.

4. 5-Star Skinny Chicken Nuggets >

Nope, they’re not breaded. Not fried, either. As much as they look like the stuff you get from the drive-thru, the chicken bites are baked into a much healthier—and much tastier—version of fast-food nuggets. And they don’t take a lot of effort: Cut chicken breast into chunks; roll the pieces in a mixture of garlic powder, paprika, a little cayenne and a little black pepper; and bake to a golden crisp. They’re perfect for sharing—but after one taste, you may not want to!

5. Sweet Potato Chicken Bites >

An unconventional take on traditional chicken nugget recipes, these Sweet Potato Chicken Nuggets feature a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors that are only enhanced by the homemade Honey Mustard Sauce that takes mere minutes to make. Count this delicious dish as one SmartCarb and one PowerFuel in your NuMi log.

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