The Art of Losing & Finding One man’s story from “having-it-all” to “losing-it-all” and his spiritual journey through India in search of comfort, peace and healing. The highs, the lows, the disappointments,the monuments of love, the yoga centers, the meditation centers, the spiritual slums, the scams and eventually… salvation! Reasons to Meditate Daily Humans can’t help themselves when it comes to speaking about their efficiency, and often overdo or perform multi-tasks, resulting in stressful lifestyle and frustrated living atmosphere. So, how about focusing on one simple task rather than multi-tasking and giving your mind a little rest. Did you know that if you don’t avoid stress and go to sleep at night, you mind actually moves from dream to dream every two hours? How to Stop and Smell the Roses Every Day You’ve heard the phrase, “stop and smell the roses”, but given your hectic pace and daily worries, how often do you slow down and lose yourself in the myriad of details that comprise a rose? Gardeners, particularly those who dedicate themselves to organic methods which teach you how to pay attention to natural conditions, know how to appreciate the fruits of their labor, but most of the rest of us are lucky if we get a small whiff of fragrance or notice a blob of rich color as we rush by. Guided Meditation A guided meditation takes the listener on a visualized journey. The combination of a soothing voice and gentle background music can help to induce a pleasurable state of gentle relaxation – they are perfect for those with active minds who struggle to quiet their thoughts. An excellent way to relax and de-stress for beginners they are also, for more experienced users, a way to link to their higher self, their spirit guides and their Divine Creator. The Great Indian Meditation Method – Stargazer Style The American Indian was truly an evolved and amazing race of people. Highly advanced spiritual people. Organized and Intelligent beyond their years. 7 Effective Ways to Meditate at the Workplace Long hours of work, hectic schedules, exhaustive meetings and strenuous jobs play havoc with Rakesh’s health and wellbeing. Though he has achieved his long-standing ambition of reaching a managerial position in a well-reputed firm, and earns a decent salary, he has lost “the connect” with his own self. As he spends most of his time in office, Rakesh has now been advised to spend a few