How Can I Lose Weight Eating In Restaurants?
Common sense guidelines to follow when dining out with friends to lose or maintain your weight. If you follow these common tips when dining with friends you will continue to eat healthier and have a greater chance of not sabotaging your weight loss efforts! Just a quick read before you go out to eat.

Lose Weight - Drop the Fast Food Habit Now!
I read an article not too long ago about a man who wanted 4 fast food chains to pay him a settlement in court for serving him "finger licking food that made him fat!" Supposedly the man claimed, "They never explained to me what I was eating!" How silly is that? Or is it? Do you really know what you are putting in your body after that 5 minute wait in the drive-through?

Weight Loss - Cut the Soft Drink Habit Now!
You see women are at a much greater risk of osteoporosis or bone thinning as they get older. Most of us don't realize that drinking cola and soft drinks increases the risk by as much as 50% and causes the disease to progress even faster! It's like throwing a cup of gas on a fire to put it out!

Fat Burning Foods Really Do The Trick!
Can certain fat burning foods really take the weight off quickly? The answer is, Yes! Instead of the newest fad diet or starving yourself you can eat more of these fat burning foods and yet lose more weight than a typical "diet" can offer by far! You can eat more food, more often and speed up the process of losing weight!

Simple Changes to Lose Weight Gradually
What do we do to begin a weight loss goal? We should make very small and gradual changes in our eating habits so we can realistically stick with our goals. Some simple yet clever tips to cut down our portions and what kinds of foods we can adapt too over a period of time.

The Number One Reason To Workout In The Morning (It's Not What You Think)
Can't figure out which time of day is best workout? Find out why the morning time is by far the best time... and it's not what you think...

Let Us Explain To You How Easy Weight Loss Can Be
Many people have problems with reducing weight. Do some homework and talk to your doctor about successful methods to lose weight. It can be hard to find out the best details.

Weight Loss Medication Pros And Cons
Are you wondering about the Orlistat pros and cons for weight loss? Orlistat is a FDA approved medication to help people with weight loss. The over the counter version is called Alli, wh