If you’re just getting started with a new training program and you’ve just decided that you want to get into better shape, then the question you need to ask yourself is what the first thing you should do is.

This is something that all too many people forget and many will be happy to simply launch into their training program – often involving five workouts a week, one hour long each – without any preparation or prelude.

This is often met with failure for the simple reason that they burn out before they manage to bring about any real change.

So instead, how about starting off by increasing your energy levels first? That way, you’ll have more energy to take to the gym and to help you feel more awake and alert even after a long day of hard work.

Why Energy Matters.

When struggling to get into shape, a lot of people will give the excuse that they don’t have enough time. This is seldom true however – almost anyone could wake up 20 minutes earlier for a workout and most of us somehow manage to fit boxsets of our favorite TV shows into our busy schedules!

So rather than time, the problem is much more likely to be energy. They have the time after work but they lack the energy because they’re too stressed and tired after spending eight hours in the office.

When you’re already coming home exhausted, that doesn’t leave much fuel in the tank to start adding five hour-long workouts into your regime.

How to Boost Energy.

So how do we boost our energy levels back up? There are a few answers to this question but one is that you can try to improve your diet and your nutrition. By getting more B complex vitamins, by getting more vitamin C and by consuming more vitamins and minerals in general, you will find that your body starts to perform much better.

Another important tip is to focus on improving your sleep. If you can get into good ‘sleep hygeine’. Then you will find that you are more likely to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Spending more time outdoors both increase your vitamin D and your sleep.

Finally, consider starting your new routines off with a little cardio. Instead of starting with weights, start with cardio to help build up a stronger heart that will supply more blood and oxygen and keep you going longer in the gym.