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Suitable for carrying the following combinations of pens, vials and cartridges as follows: - 2 standard sized insulin injection pens either pre-filled disposable or refillable; or - 1 standard sized insulin injection pen plus 2 x 3 ml cartridges; or - 1 standard sized insulin pen plus 3 x 1.5 ml cartridges; or - 2 x 10 ml vials (bottles); or - 1 x EpiPen (Adrenaline: for emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions).Keep insulin and other temperature-sensitive medication cool
Maintains a safe temperature of 18-26°C, even in a constant environmental temperatures of 37.8°C
Keeps cool for 45hrs minimum, and with a quick re-soak the wallet can be activated for a further 45hrs minimum
In-use Insulin is safe in a FRIO wallet for up to 28 days (as per the life of in-use insulin kept above fridge-temperature)