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This is Excalibur Mobile Detail. We’ve recently coated this 2015 Honda Accord with Flight Shield Safire V1 Coating. Safire V1 has a 9H hardness that is scratch and abrasion resistant, and resists rock chips. It gives the car an ultra high-gloss finish that is hydrophobic, where water just beads off. It is also guaranteed in writing for five years from the manufacturer, to protect your car from fading, and the elements. Plus, it resists temperatures up to 1200 degrees. It can even be applied to the exhaust pipes. Wax and dealership silicate coatings have none of these benefits and wax melts off at 180 degrees and your engine temperature under the hood is already running at 210 degrees.

Excalibur Mobile Detail - Flight Shield Sapphire V1 Ceramic Car Coating Tulare