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The 2019 Step by Step Guide to Effective Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses and Nonprofit organisations.
This is an easy to read practical guide that tackles all the issues that small business owners face when using Facebook as a marketing tool.
This no-nonsense easy to understand guide will take you by the hand using simple “how to” steps and illustrations through every step from:
Getting started on Facebook the right way-step by step (including a summary 10 point checklist) to keep you on task.
How and where to learn more about your ideal customer and build mutually rewarding relationships with them – Everything you need to know about customer analysis and profiling. Skip this at your pearl!
Six Ways of Representing Your Brand on Facebook-you will never be stuck for ideas again.
How to come up with compelling content for business pages that encourages engagement and maximizes the number of people you reach on Facebook.
How to build a sales funnel into Facebook to naturally drive sales and traffic to your website or business.
A complete guide to using Facebook Ads to support your business goals and how to know which ad type to use for different objectives. Mess this up and you could lose a lot of money.
Real life practical case studies where you go behind the scenes for effective Facebook marketing strategies that work. Invaluable!
Covering all the essentials, this guide will also show you how to plan and implement successful social media strategies using Facebook to:
Drive brand awareness
Attract loyal customers
Help reach business goals, and
Generate more leads and sales

An accumulation of over 20 years of sales and marketing experience with over 10,000 businesses condensed into one book, the 2019 edition of Facebook Marketing - The Essential Guide for Businesses & Community Groups is a gem of a read for anyone interested in making Facebook work for their business and end goals!