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Do you want to advertise on Facebook but have no idea where to start? Keep Reading

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to set up a Facebook campaign and run it efficiently so that you can identify the right target audience, increase brand awareness, build brand value, promote your products and services online, and boost sales.
Facebook is the King of social media. With billions of active monthly users online, it’s a platform that no online marketer can ignore anymore. Unlike traditional advertising, or other forms of online marketing, Facebook allows specific market segmentation, so you know the precise likes and dislikes of your customer, their interests and behavior, which allows you to create campaigns targeted specially for individual groups.
I will show you how to set up a campaign on Facebookhow to target specific groupscreate the adswrite copyassign budgetsrun A/B split tests, and much more. I am sure this book is going to help you immensely.this is the only one with everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising. Scroll up, click buy, and get started to get your Ideal Customer now!