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The Consultancy Handbook offers a solid grounding in the general knowledge required for consultancy interviews and internships. The handbook includes an overview of the role of consultants, the different types of consultancy firms and the industries typically serviced by consultants. It provides an insight into the recruitment process, with particular focus on how to prepare for and tackle case study interviews. It explains issues relating to profitability and how to apply the Profitability Framework in case study interviews. An insight is given into the strategic and operational challenges that businesses can encounter and the way in which the Business Situation Framework can be used to tackle related case interview questions. The handbook provides an introduction to mergers and acquisitions and outlines the potential benefits for companies. An overview of market sizing questions and brainteasers is given, complete with examples of how to solve them. Other case study analysis tools are presented, including the SWOT, Porter's Five Forces and PESTLE frameworks. Basic economics, finance and business valuation concepts and the key financial accounts are introduced. Key commercial terms are defined and contextualised throughout and an overview of useful Microsoft Excel formulas and shortcuts is provided. In addition, the handbook offers general interview advice relating to competency, commercial awareness and case study interviews, advice on appropriate behaviour during internships and a recommended reading list. *** This handbook is available in a discounted bundle with other City Career Series handbooks at: www.CityCareerSeries.com/Store ***