We've had articles on how to select a good avian vet. But what if you are interested in opening your home to an adopted bird? Do you know how to find a good avian rescue to adopt a feathered friend? As the popularity of birds as pets soars, so does the number of displaced birds each year.

If you are thinking of adopting an old bird, first stop and answer these questions.

- Why am I interested in adopting a bird?

- Do I have the funds to adopt a bird, provide adequate food, supplies, and potential vet care?

- Do I have room in my house for another bird?

- Do I have ample room in my house to quarantine a new bird?

- How will my other bird(s) react? Can I handle increased noise in my household?

- Do I have time to spend with another companion parrot?

If you said 'yes' to all of the above, then great! You are ready to seriously look into local rescue organizations to find that next perfect companion for you.

How To Begin The Search

At first, upon deciding to bring a new bird home, the venues for finding that companion can seem overwhelming. Craigslist, Kijjiijii, Hoobly, and your local classified papers are just the first place to turn, if you are interested in the private adoption of a parrot. Be careful when pursuing these venues, as there are many scams out there. These scams speak of birds at a 'good price' (usually in the range of $400 or less) and boast of the birds having paperwork, being up to date with their veterinary needs, and beg to take the bird into a good home. Most of these scams reveal that funds from you are needed in advance to ship the bird to you. If you come across such a listing; run, don't walk, run the other way!

Begin by calling your trusted avian vet. Because your vet deals with exotics on a regular basis, chances are they will know of a bird (or animal) currently seeking a new home. Contact them and inquire about any potential adoptee's. If you vet doesn't know of a bird that needs a home, chances they will shortly. Leave your contact information and request they contact you if they hear of a bird that needs a home.

The next step would be to research any avian rescues in your area. Doing a simple web query can point you in the right direction. Pick a rescue as close to you as possible, because many rescues require that the adopting family be within 100 miles or less of the organization's home. If you find one (or more) rescues in your area, write them down. Call and enquire about the birds they currently have available