Healthy Dome - 2018 A5 Ultimate Diary Planner | Runs Dec 2017-Dec 2018 | THIS IS A 2018 DIARY PLANNER buy now £20.00 Runs Dec 2017-Dec 2018Do You Never Have Enough Time? Or are you simply not managing it properly? The Ultimate Diary Planner gives you the power to map out your personal, professional and leisure time. The big why behind the idea? I simply love getting lots done, but I could never find a planner that helped me make the best of my time and to do list - so I created one! The Ultimate Diary planner giv Read Morees you full visibility across every day, month and year allowing you to set realistic long-term goals and then map out the little steps that are going to get you there with the daily planner. Keep track of all your activities and make space in your life for all the nitty gritty items - from sales calls and networking through to scheduling in some essential 'me time' to recharge your batteries. Combining gorgeous colours, stylish design and well thought out practicality it's the perfect accompaniment if you love stationery with personality. See what others have said: "The Ultimate Diary Planner is the FIRST diary/planner that a utilised for an entire year! Most years I start off with great aspirations of being organised with a new diary... and give up by Feb/March. But not the UDP!! It is so well set out that I utilised it every day for my busy life (3 kids and 3 businesses!!). I never missed an appointment and I kept on top of my business projections because it was all there in one handy planner. Highly recommended." Jodie Daniel "I've used this as the A4 version for two years and adore it. It makes planning easier, there's lots of room to write, to make notes and to plan ahead. Fab page marker, durable cover and pretty colours - what's not to like!? I've already ordered my planner for 2018 - I'd be lost without it. It's simply the best!" Clare Murchison See a full video run through at PLEASE NOTE: Elastic and coil colour for the galaxy design is pinkTESTED IN REAL LIFE - this planner is chock-full of useful tools. Designed for personal use by a self-confessed stationery addict and plan-a-holic and then tweaked each year from feedback given by the growing Ladies That Plan Clan. LOVE LISTS? - (who doesn't!?) Get those important to-dos down, plan your whole week (week per spread), map out 2018 & 2019 on the year at a glance spreads, track your statistics, work through your bucket list and so much more. START MAKING PROGRESS - set your goals and then break them into the day by day chunks that are going to get you over the line. Plus, with the fab, purpose-made, clip-in bookmark you'll always be able to find your place. Simply drop the worry and embrace the plan. CHOOSE YOUR OWN LEVEL - this planner works with you, whether you like to unleash your inner ocd and schedule every second, or prefer to paint big strokes of time with purpose. If you're looking to inject some positivity into your life you're also going to love the daily gratitudes and positive quotes throughout! ...AND IT LOOKS GREAT TOO - colourful, durable, attractive and different, the Ultimate Diary Planner is perfect if you enjoy stationery with colour and personality! Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en