By now you may have seen them: Breathless headlines flowing through the viral ether declaring that a new study has found the "first" evidence that we live in just one of many different parallel universes.  You might be thinking to yourself that, "Its amazing! Its science! The articles use the word study, so it must be real! Were about to enter a new era of space science!"And you know what? Im here to be a total buzzkill, and tell you that youre probably wrong. One of my favorite things to do is to track how science stories go viral, particularly dubious ones like this. I click my way down to
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the shadowy depths of the internet where a viral story was born, and as is often the case, the "multiverse" findings involves just one possible interpretation of a studys results.
Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin fuses sartorial and street
On Sunday, the last day for showing spring-summer 2018 menswear collections at Paris Fashion Week, veteran Dutch menswear designer took suits
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Buzzy New Streetwear Brand Vlone Makes a Splash at Men's Fashion Week
Over the weekend in Paris, new brand Vlone unveiled its inaugural collection to a rapt audience. Designer Asap Bari titled the 41 look show "Black
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adidas Y-3 Previews Spring/Summer '18 Footwear at Paris Fashion Week
The full collection was just previewed at Paris Fashion Week, where along with a new range of apparel, new footwear models were also introduced to
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Hoover Dam Turns Into a Catwalk For Summer Fashion Show
Setting runways around the iconic monuments, Jessica Minh Anh, fashion producer and model, is making her next big mark at Nevada's
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080 Barcelona Fashion kicks off with 37 Catalan designers on show
The 080 Barcelona Fashion show aims at demonstrating the world-potential of Catalan fashion brands, according to the director of the fair, Miquel
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Beauty and the best: Yara Shahidi's DENIM eyeliner, Jada Pinkett Smith's gold shadow and Eva ...
Whether its wearing an arc of orange eyeliner to a Chanel fashion show or debuting endless new hairstyles on her Instagram account, the 17-year-old
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Newcastle Council Rate Rise June 2017 - independent financial adviser Newcastle NSW

Report by your independent financial adviser in Newcastle NSW

NEWCASTLE residents will be hit with another 8 per cent rate rise next financial year, but the good news, the council says, is that it will only feel like a 7 per cent increase.

The council approved its budget for the next financial year on Tuesday night, including another rate increase thanks to the 2015 special rate variation that will see the average residential ratepayer shell out an extra $500 per year by 2020.

To find out more conta
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ct me, Brad Lonergan at BMK Financial Services Newcastle OR Click here to "Ask Brad a Question" http://bmkfinancialservices.com.au/ask-brad-a-question/

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Designer Logos Make a Major Comeback at Men's Fashion Week
We're not sure if it's normcore or dadcore or just plain '90s nostalgia, but there's no mistaking that logomania is in full swing for Spring 2018.
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A Surprise Collection, From Stefano Pilati, Revealed on Instagram
Yet there he was one afternoon, in Florence, Italy, during the Pitti Uomo men's wear fair, taking in the J. W. Anderson fashion show as guests goggled
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The Antiobesity Center is a private organization devoted to the therapy of obesity