Skinny Sprinkles Review – Does it really work?

by joshuaz on January 6, 2014

Skinny Sprinkles Review — What are They?

If you just love to eat and have trouble avoiding the snacks, you’re probably wondering if there’s any diet product that’ll work for you. The good news is there is something designed just for people like you: Skinny Sprinkles. While Skinny Sprinkles isn’t as well-known as other weight loss products, they’re quickly getting a cult following. This Skinny Sprinkles review will fill you in on what you’re missing and hopefully answer any questions you have.

Skinny Sprinkles ReviewsWhat is Skinny Sprinkles?

Skinny Sprinkles is actually a weight management drink that comes in powder form. You can choose between the individually sized packets which are perfect for on-the-go or the large 42-serving container that includes a scoop. Skinny Sprinkles

  • curbs your appetite by boosting satiety after each meal,
  • helps maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level,
  • is Vegan- and Vegetarian-friendly,
  • contains no dairy products although it can be used with milk,
  • is gluten-free with important prebiotics and
  • has the equivalent of 38 grams of real strawberries.

Skinny Sprinkles has four main ingredients: glucomannan, inulin, guarana and green tea, which we’ll discuss in just a minute. Each serving of Skinny Sprinkles contains only What is skinny sprinkles20 calories; it’s not a meal replacement drink but rather an appetite suppressant you drink before you eat to reduce the calories you take in safely and naturally.

The Secret Behind Skinny Sprinkles

So, how do Skinny Sprinkles work exactly? The first secret is glucomannan, or Konjac, which is included in the correct dosage for weight loss. Glucomannan works by creating a gel in your stomach, which causes the same reaction from your stomach as food does. It delays gastric emptying, which is how fast food and drinks leave your stomach. This way, food stays in your stomach longer so it can be properly digested and liquid leaves almost immediately

This is exactly why water won’t make you feel full like food does; it’s this delay in gastric emptying that gives us satiety.

Skinny Sprinkles stimulates the sensors in your stomach lining, which then send a signal to your brain telling it the stomach is full.

The other secret ingredient is Inulin, which is a natural fiber that moderates your blood sugar levels and stops sugar rushes while reducing your cravings for sweets, which are usually just empty calories.

Inulin isn’t absorbed by your digestive system so it boosts your energy without increasing the calories you’re taking in. It’s a complex carbohydrate that stores energy so it’ll help you extend that energy you get from carb-rich foods like bread. With a long-term release of energy, hunger and food cravings are delayed and reduced and you’ll notice a boost in endurance as well.

Inulin is also a great source of prebiotics, which stimulate the growth of helpful bacteria, or probiotics, in your colon. Research has shown that prebiotics like inulin improve your body’s ability to absorb calcium and also boost your immune system. Prebiotics are also recommended to prevent diarrhea, reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, alleviate symptoms of lactose intolerance and reduce symptoms of IBS and IBD.

skinny sprinkles

Finally, Skinny Sprinkles is made with two important ingredients for energy: green tea and guarana, both of which provide a natural source of caffeine to give you that energy boost without drinking coffee.

Skinny Sprinkles Review: How to Use 

Skinny Sprinkles comes as an instant drink mix so you just need to drink it about 30 minutes before each meal. Pour the sprinkles into a glass and then add cold water and mix for thirty seconds. Once it reaches a smoothie consistency, stop stirring, let it set for a minute and then stir it one last time and enjoy. This lets it thicken a bit to make it does skinny sprinkles workmore like a smoothie and less like flavored water.

If you want to add more richness and flavor, a few Skinny Sprinkles reviews recommend using milk instead of water. It’ll add some calories but it won’t interfere with the shake’s ability to curb your appetite.

The Bottom Line on Skinny Sprinkles

Hopefully this Skinny Sprinkles review has answered your questions and showed you that it is possible to find an effective weight loss product that targets your needs. Remember, though: Skinny Sprinkles is a weight loss aid and it won’t magically transform you into a size 3 overnight.

It’s designed to work with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise to see the best results. It works by reducing your appetite so you can continue eating the things you love, just in smaller portions.

Skinny Sprinkles is exactly what you want to see in a weight loss aid! Unlike many of these weight loss shakes, Skinny Sprinkles actually tastes and smells great, too! Especially with milk.

Try it and you’ll see it blows all other weight loss shakes out of the water and it’s truly a great way to curb your eating without all the hassle.

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Meratol Review

by joshuaz on January 6, 2014

Meratol Review — Is it Effective?

When you’re trying to lose weight that doesn’t seem to respond to anything, it’s time to get extra help from weight loss products designed to boost your body’s natural ability to shed fat. With so many weight loss supplements on the market, how do you sort out the truly effective and safe ones from the fakes? If you’re reading through Meratol reviews, you must be wondering which category this product falls into so here’s everything you need to know about Meratol — including if it really works.

Meratol Review: What is it? 

Meratol is a weight loss supplement that works naturally with your body’s metabolism to target four key areas of weight loss:

  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving alertness
  • Reducing fatigue levels

The supplement contains a number of clinically-proven ingredients for weight loss and these ingredients back up the claims Meratol makes in terms of weight loss meratol reviewand energy levels.

The most important thing to check with any weight loss product is the ingredients and the real science behind them. So, here’s what’s actually in Meratol:

Cacti-Nea, which is clinically proven to reduce fat storage while boosting the loss of water weight. Cacti-Nea also has an added bonus: it helps with stubborn cellulite. While water weight loss is just short-term, you will see results within a couple days and this can help motivate you to continue taking the supplement to allow the other ingredients to work.

ID-Alg, or brown seaweed extract, which blocks your body’s absorption of carbs. This ingredient works by reducing the amount of weight you gain when you over-indulge and it’s particularly helpful after a day of over-eating if you’re already on a reduced-calorie diet. It’s also a smart addition for long-term weight loss and it’s completely safe to use.

Capsicum, which is a very popular weight loss ingredient that’s a powerfully effective fat burner. Capsicum speeds up your metabolism to naturally increase your body’s fat burning abilities. Capsicum comes from red pepper and it actually increases your body temperature to simulate your metabolism.

Caffeine, which raises your basal metabolic rate (or resting metabolic rate while you’re not active) to help you burn excess weight.

Prickly pear extract, which works as an appetite suppressant, curbs food cravings and assists with weight loss by binding fat so it leaves the body before it’s absorbed.

Meratol Review: Benefits

According to most Meratol reviews, this supplement’s use of the most potent weight loss ingredients make it one of the best supplements on the market. The ingredients are designed to address many components for effective weight loss with the following benefits:meratol reviews

  • Featured in Fit & Well magazine as one of the most effective diet pills to try in 2011
  • Speeds up your metabolism by increasing your basal metabolic rate to speed up your weight loss efforts and burn extra fat.
  • Blocks up to 25% of carb absorption to prevent future weight gain.
  • Improves your energy levels to decrease your food cravings.
  • Curbs appetite and cravings so you consume less calories and still feel full.
  • Made with only the best organic ingredients so it’s completely safe to use.
  • More affordable than most weight loss supplements on the market.

Is Meratol Right for Me? 

A number of Meratol reviews make a note that this supplement does have gelatin, so it’s not a good option for vegans. It also has a good amount of caffeine for its weight loss properties so it’s not recommended for anyone with a heart condition or women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. It’s also designed to work with a healthy, balanced diet and moderate exercise so you won’t see the best results if you aren’t exercising at least a few times a day. There are also some side effects you may experience, as with any weight loss supplement, including nausea or diarrhea that seems to be caused by the seaweed extract.

If you’re struggling with excess weight that isn’t responding to diet and exercise alone, Meratol may be the boost you need to see real results.

The Bottom Line — Give it a Try!

Meratol is exactly what you want to see in a weight loss product: real science, all-natural safe ingredients and a product that targets many aspects of effective weight management. All of the claims made by Meratol are completely backed by the high-quality ingredients they’ve chosen and virtually all Meratol reviews agree — it really works! You can try a one-month supply or, if you feel confident that it will work for you, save money by buying a 4-month supply today.

does meratol work

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